Schedule & Events

Special Events: March is Reading Month

VCC Celebrates with Dr. Seuss Spirit Week!!

spirit week

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Between our daily schedule for each of the classes, the holidays we celebrate, and special events which we have here at Vineyard Children Center, there is just about always something exciting going on. Feel free to take a look here, or on our Facebook page to see just what is coming up this month!



Daily Schedule

Two’s Sample Schedule

7:00 am         VCC opens
7:30 am          Free Play time and Breakfast*
8:30 am          Exploratory Time: Sensory Activities, Music, Art
10:00 am       Morning Snack, Hand-washing and Diapering
10:30 am       Outdoor Play/Stroller Walks (w/ sunscreen)
11:30 am        Free Play time/Lunch Preparation
11:45 am        Lunch
12:15 pm        Lunch clean-up, Hand-washing, Diapering
12:30 pm       Story Time/Nap Preparation
1:00 pm         Nap/Rest Time
3:00 pm         Diapering, Hand-washing, Afternoon Snack
3:30 pm         Free Play and/or Outdoor Play
6:00 pm         VCC closes

Preschool & Pre-K Sample Schedule

7:00 am          VCC Opens
7:30 am          Free Play Game and Breakfast*
9:00 am          Preschool Only children arrive; Free Play time
9:15 am          Circle Time (calendar, weather, music, movement)
9:45 am          Art and Sensory Exploration
10:30 am       Morning Snack, Hand-washing
10:45 am       Outdoor Play/Active Play (w/ sunscreen)

11:30 am       Story Timedrsa
12:15 pm       Hand-washing and Lunch
12:30pm       Morning Only Children Go Home
12:45 pm       Story Time
1:00 pm         Nap/Rest Time
3:00 pm         Hand-washing, Bathroom, Afternoon snack
3:30 pm         Learning Centers and/or Outdoor Play
6:00 pm         VCC Closes

*AM and PM snacks are provided. Parents provide packed meals (breakfast & lunch)